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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Egypt and vasculitis??

It has been a rather odd week medically speaking.

I had a few young men who all ended up with diagnosis of vasculitis, and all of them have visited Egypt few weeks either during or prior evolvement of the disease. One of them is very sick indeed, having vasculitis affecting his kidney, his GI tract (bleeding PR), skin (developing pressure sore - which is odd in an active and prior to this perfectly healthy 20 sth man), probably infarcted his tonsillar artery..and it is just awful. The renal team is hitting him hard with cyclophosphamide (which cause azoospermia) and probably have to think of other immunosuppressive drugs if this doesn't control his disease.

The other one is looking more like limited Wegener's...and we are pulsing him with methylprednisolone...again coming back from Egypt.

And in clinic, I had someone who developed reactive arthritis post-diarrhoea in Egypt, and the clinical picture is looking more and more like ankylosing spondylitis.

Odd, indeed.


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