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Monday, May 09, 2011

Just a thought

I am just too lazy to blog these days; and given the confidential nature of my work, I have to be careful what I write here.

Today a patient asks me to be his HIV physicians during my rotation at my current hospital. Have to say, I kinda feel honoured being asked to do so, especially me being so early on in my specialty. I am still a baby HIV physician trainee. Oh well, I will start to have my own immunocompromised patient list by end of this month. So many new things to learn; the new anti-retrovirals drugs combo just keep growing and with a new horizon of treatment for Hepatitis C, I think I will struggle just to keep up!

And doing the infectious disease on-call is still pretty exciting for me. I start to get the hang of the usual malaria/TB stuffs/meningitis and encephalitis stuffs, fever of unknown origin but there are still rare ones like chikungunya (I was like chicken what?? not a very exciting disease actually) ~ I still go "Wow!". Wouldn't say I missed acute medicine on-call, but I do feel slightly less confident in managing general stuffs. I am still quite amazed to get call as far out as Bristol, Birmingham since I thought they will ring London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Probably its just me who find all this stuffs very exciting. Its just soo different from my previous work.


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